Best Selling Trucks For 2022
Best Selling Trucks For 2022

Best Selling Trucks For 2022

December 5, 2022

Americans cannot seem to get enough of pickup trucks as evident by the growing pickup lineup of various automakers. Aside from their traditional usage for carrying and hauling stuff, more and more people are now opting for pickups because of their sheer size, safety, and as a “lifestyle” vehicle. Out of all the categories, full-size trucks seem to be the crown jewel of almost every automaker currently producing pickups.

With the pickup competition in full swing, it gets confusing to pick the right and the best full-size pickup truck for yourself. The availability of an endless lineup of variants further complicates the decision-making process. To make matters easier for you, we have described and differentiated in detail the best full-size pickup trucks for you.

Ford F-150:

The Ford F-150 remains the undisputed king of all the full-size pickup trucks in the U.S. for over 45 years. The latest iteration offers several customization options for both the engine and cosmetics departments. A grand total of eight variants are on sale at the moment and the base XL version starts at just under $34,000. Originally Intended mainly for commercial users, it has won over the auto consumer and starts with only the bare minimum amenities and a naturally aspirated V6 engine. Moving one step ahead, we have the XLT trim that adds some niceties both on the inside and outside including some advanced safety options, though the 4×4 remains an optional feature. The third variant i.e., Lariat seems to be a major jump from the two base versions in all aspects. The interior is significantly revamped and the Eco-boost V6 engine delivers ample power and towing capacity for day-to-day needs. Everything from dual-zone climate control to heated & ventilated seats is standard in this variant. The price is, of course, also a significant jump from the other two versions and comes at under $60,000.

The next step up is the $63,000 King Ranch version that comes with the legendary V8 engine. Other key features include heated and cooled 10-way adjustable leather bucket seats and an optional premium B&O sound system. The semi-autonomous driving assist BlueCruise remains an optional extra. Adding almost two grand on top of King Ranch’s MSRP, you will get the Platinum version. Apart from being flashier and a bit more generous with its options, the Platinum F-150 does not offer anything special.

At $85,000, the Limited variant is undoubtedly the priciest of all. In fact, it takes things to the Lincoln level of luxury and is often dubbed as the ultimate full-size luxury pickup. Conversely, the Raptor is known for its supreme off-roading performance. Offered with an optional supercharged V8, the off-road specific shocks, suspension system and a host of electronic aids make the F-150 Raptor one of the most potent all-terrain full-size trucks.

RAM 1500:

The RAM 1500 revolutionized the pickup segment due to its unique and luxurious take on the cabin design and materials and by being the forerunner in the battle for producing the most powerful full-size pickup. Just like its competitors, the RAM 1500 also offers the choice of several variants. The $37,000 Tradesman base variant offers decent amenities though it is pretty much similar to the other base variants. Though, it is offered with a hybrid V6 which is a plus point.

Climb on to the $42,000 Big Horn variant and you are greeted with 18-inch aluminum wheels, a decently sized infotainment system, and a few extra features. The entire drivetrain, however, remains entirely the same. The next step up is the $51,000 Laramie variant which is more oriented towards providing luxury and comfort to its users.

The Rebel trim is one step ahead of the Laramie in the sense that is more off-road capable and has a sportier touch. The blacked-out trims and the Rebel’s ability to squeeze a bit more power out of the same powertrain distinguish it from the Laramie version, though the difference comes at a premium of $4000.

Further ascending the RAM 1500 lineup takes you to the Limited Longhorn version that pretty much only adds some optional packages on top of the Rebel trim. For the Limited Longhorn version, the athletic looks of the Rebel trim are transformed into a plainer and rather mundane-looking design scheme. The Limited Longhorn is, therefore, good for those who want plenty of features, do not mind paying for them, and do not intend on doing serious off-roading.

Last but not least is the $63,000 RAM 1500 Limited. It sits on top of the 1500 hierarchy, apart from the TRX which is on an altogether another level. The 1500 Limited, being powered by a 5.7L Hemi is an absolute powerhouse. What further boasts its stature is the inclusion of almost all the features including leather bucket seats, a larger touchscreen interface, and an advanced blind spot monitoring system. The various bits of upgrades on both the exterior and the interior further make the Limited trim more enticing to the buyers.

Toyota Tundra:

Toyota Tundra has maintained a reputation of impeccable reliability for a long time, but the outgoing generation had been in production for over a decade. The latest iteration has undergone a comprehensive makeover both inside and out and it has improved upon almost every bit ranging from the looks to the powertrain. The range starts from $37,000 SR trim and rises all the way to $75,000 Capstone edition. Like its rivals, the initial “no-frills” trims are oriented toward commercial users and those who use the pickup for their core purpose. Though, the new hybrid powertrain surely is a good addition. The equipment level as well as the design clues start to take off with the $48,500 Limited edition that will be ideally suited for the majority of potential Tundra buyers. The 1794 Edition carries over the tradition of paying homage to Texas – the state where Tundra is not only put together but also developed from the ground up.

The beefed-up TRD Pro version, as many of you already know, stands for supreme off-roading performance. It has got everything to take on the harshest of terrains, be it the Fox shocks, heavy-duty bushes, or blacked-out trims. On the other hand, the Capstone edition is filled to the brim with various luxurious touches. From the rich use of chrome to the opulent interior and the plush ride, the Capstone should be your pick if you want a supple ride from your truck all the while benefitting from its towing capacity as well as hauling capability.


Chevy Silverado:

The list of the best and most popular full-size pickups in the U.S. would be incomplete without the mention of the Chevy Silverado. The full-size Chevy pickup may not be as fancy as the 1500 or certainly not as reliable as the Tundra, but it still has a lot to offer to its fans. Its relatively lower price tags for almost all its versions play quite considerably in its favor. The range kicks off with the $36,000 Work Truck variant which, in itself, is pretty self-explanatory. The $43,000 Custom trim does add some flair to the simplistic base version, though it still lacks the modern features that people have now grown accustomed to. The $50,000 LT variant is where things really get going for people who want a pickup as an alternative to their car. The LT Silverado is decently loaded with niceties along with contrasting bits that highlight its stature.

Next up is the $57,000 Trail Boss which, as you may have guessed, is engineered to climb off-road terrains. It essentially packs everything you require from a good off-roading machine. Taking one major step ahead lands you in the realm of the LTZ trim aka Luxury Trim Z. It is rather identically priced to the Trail Boss, but it offers a planted and comfier ride. The amenities and features too are plenty with the LTZ, though many are optional.

The $70,000 runner-up ZR2 Silverado combines the best of both worlds in the sense that it offers impressive off-terrain performance without compromising the ride quality. The looks too are quite aggressive and the V8 engine is like icing on top of the cake.

At $64,000, the range-topping High Country is surprisingly priced lower than the ZR2 version. It is, in fact, an extension of the LTZ version that has been loaded with upscale materials, trims and luxury features. The unique look thanks to the extravagant use of chrome and giant wheels is sure to stand out amidst all the pickups.


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